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How to Organize Wordpress Sites by Category and Tag

How to Organize Wordpress Sites by Category and Tag

Author: Patrick Seely

Content Management is very important when designing and building your Wordpress blog.  The objective of this course is to improve upon the use of the built-in, cross-referencing tools available.  By using categories and tags effectively, you can leverage the power of third-party plugins to effectively organize your iste.

In summary, enjoy this course.  Blogging should be fun and easy, not a content management problem.  You can have the best quality content in the world, and then deliver that content effectively with tags and categories. 

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Video Training for Wordpress Organization

This video is also about Strategy on how to present lessons to students or members of your Word Press site to encourage interaction. Shortocdes used in this lesson include: [column][catlist tags="jam"][/column][catlist name=popular songs]

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