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How to Play Clarinet

How to Play Clarinet

Author: Kaylie Wood

Readers will be able to asemble, play, and understand the clarinet.


  • Take out a reed and start sucking on it.
  • You take the mouth piece and smear the cork with cork grease
  • Then, you take the ligature and slide it on the fitting way.
  • After the ligature is on, you take the reed you sucked on and put it on under the ligature.
  • Screw the bolts on the ligature until the ligature fits snuggly.
  • Second, you attach the barrel to the cork grease smeared mouth piece.
  • After that, you take the register key, (top half of the body) and smear the cork with cork grease.
  • Take the register key and the barrel and attach them.
  • Now you take the body, (lower half) and attach it to the other end of the register key.
  • Lastly, you take the bell and attach it to the body.

Playing Tips and tricks

  • Always sit up straight and on the front half of the chair.
  • Make sure your reed is wet enough.
  • Make sure you don't have to much mouth piece in your mouth.
  • Anchor the mouth piece on your top teeth. DON'T BITE.
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Clarinet Assembly

This video explains how to assemble your clarinet by giving a visual.


After assembling, this is what your clarinet should look like.