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How to Print to PDF

How to Print to PDF

Author: Robert Diaz

How to Print to PDF using AutoCAD Architecture. 

This lesson will cover the software interface of AutoCAD Architecture and the procedure to printing to PDF of your 2D linework. This feature is used everyday in the architecture, interior, and engineering profession to utilize the efficiency of line-weights and detail drawings. In the video below, I demonstrate how to activate, create, and use LAYOUTS in CAD so that you, the user, can bring your 2D linework into a set template as a desired scale and print to PDF for printing and post-production work.

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Print to PDF


PDFs are everywhere! From the moment you launch a word document to reading a book online, PDFs are used in most content, topics, and professions across the globe. In fact, you can get away a PDF because most companies have their documents, manuals, guidelines, presentations, etc converted to a PDF for easy viewing and downloading. So how is it used in architecture?

It's used from the very beginning of design (design conception) to the very end of final production. In this lesson, we will be creating PDFs from AutoCAD Architecture so that you can use the PDF in other programs to Print, adjust line-weights, colors, graphics, and presentation boards. This first lesson merely explores the CREATION of PDFs from AutoCAD Architecture. 

Print to PDF

Learn how to create PDFs in AutoCAD using the project layout tabs and modifying your page and overall template.

Source: created and produced by Rob Diaz

PDF, Step-by-Step

A detailed step-by-step procedure on how to print to pdf in CAD.


Source: created and produced by Rob Diaz