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How to react in an emergency

How to react in an emergency

Author: Vanesa Mendoza

Curriculum Standard/IEP Goals/etc.: HEALTH CONTENT STANDARD: Standard 3- Students will practice behaviors that reduce the risk of becoming involved in situations that could be potentially dangerous to their health, and react to these situations in ways that will help and protect their health.

IEP Goals: Depending on the IEP I would use visuals, picture cards and assist the student where needed, or pair up the child with someone who could help.

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Locating a Local Police Department

Police Stations

The following link will direct to a site to find your local police stations from wherever your at. This will make it easier for you to make a call to the police to report your emergency.

How to react in an Emergency

The following is a presentation on how to teach kids on how to react an emergency.

Learning about 911

This video contains information on how to determine what type of emergency your in.

Final Question

After all the information that has been given to you. And the questions that have been asked have all been answered. Theres one last thing. Describe how you would react to an emergency situation from start to finish. Given the following scenario. Type your answer and email me a proper response. Note you can use all the information and answers from the questions to give your response.

Example. Your teacher collapses while teaching an English lesson. Your the closest to the situation. 

What do you do from start to finish?

Email answer to