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How to run an Ice Breaker

How to run an Ice Breaker

Author: Joseph Smith

The primary focus of this packet is to enlighten educators and other professionals on the process of successfully running an ice breaker activity. The packet entails information that will enhance and enrich the learning environments in both school and business settings.

Ice breaker games are powerful allies in regards to getting groups and teams to work together quickly. Many trainers, group leaders, teachers, charity workers, committee leaders, etc. work to employ ice breakers with aspirations of breaking down barriers and accelerating the "getting to know you" phase of learning and engagement. The more you can get your audience involved the greater their levels of attention and contribution to the messages you are trying to get across. How can this be done? By use of well thought out ice breaker games/activities to raise energy levels and add a level of surprise.

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Here is a fun example of a great ice breaker for any learning environment.

Video Tutorials

Here is a small video segment describing how to run basic ice breakers and related relevant activities.