How to setup an auto-correcting google form spreadsheet

How to setup an auto-correcting google form spreadsheet

Author: Paul Hannan
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An Auto-Correcting Spreadsheet

Notes on "An auto-correcting google form spreadsheet"


0:00-0:35 Introduction
​0:36-1:59​ Overview of how Google Forms works
2:00-3:41 Seting up an answer key
3:40-5:37 Auto correct formula arrayformula(sum(2A:2Z=3A:3Z))       2A:2Z=answer key range 3A:3Z= row being graded
5:38-6:57 Step by step formula use

6:58-8:18 Showing percentage correct and color coding students scores
8:19-9:16 Classwide feedback and summary responses
9:17-9:47 Conclusion and contact information

I made this tutorial on how to setup an auto-correcting Google Form spreadsheet in spring 2012 but it still works great. If you've started using Google Forms for some of your more traditional testing needs this auto-correcting trick is a real time saver. Since this combinations of Google Forms and auto-correctly handles pure content well, it allows teachers to spend more time grading relevant projects, writing assessments, and open ended "big" questions.