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How to share documents on Google Drive

How to share documents on Google Drive

Author: Annie Kelly

Learn how to share documents on Google Drive, change permissions, and collaborate with one another!

An easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to sharing a Google Document!

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Welcome! Let's share a document.

First, log into your Gmail account. On the upper menu bar, click the "boxes" icon.

Click the Drive icon.


Once there, click Create to make a new Document, Presentation, or other file.


For the purposes of this tutorial, I selected "Document."


Rename your file so it accurately reflects the assignment.


Here, you can work on your assignment alone or share it with a group member (instructions coming!). All changes and comments are always immediately saved.


Now, you are ready to share your document. Click the Share button in the upper righthand corner.


This screen will come up. You will see that you are the only one who can access this file at this time. 


To share with others, type their email address(es) in the "Invite people:" box below.


You can share with group members, your teacher, or even your mom!


You can change whether or not the person can edit, view, or comment on your document here:


When you are done, simply click "Share & save"! You can then either continue working on the document, or pat yourself on the back for a job well done!