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How to subtract!

How to subtract!

Author: Emily Farnham

Subtracting is actually quite simple. People can perform subtraction problems in their mind by devoting time to learn quick solutions. You must focus carefully, when learning to mathematically to subtract.


It is simple to subtract. Firstly, you'll need to write down your problem vertically.

Example:                   72

                               - 13



Then, start with the '2' and the '3'. You'll start in the ones place value when starting a problem.

- Subtract 2-3. Since you can't, you'll have to regroup from the '7', and make the '7' a '6'. Then, change the '2' into a '12' because your adding ten. Subtract 12-3= 9.

- Then, subtract the '6' minus (subtract) the '1', and get '5'.


Overall, your initial answer should amount to 59.


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