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How to Use iPhone, Android Phone Without SIM Card

How to Use iPhone, Android Phone Without SIM Card

Author: Freddy Walsh

Owning the today's Smart Phone may be steeply-priced, maximum Service Providers fee a hefty monthly price for the usage of top class mobile phones. In this article, we will be taking a take a look at the way to use the modern iPhone or Android Phone without SIM Card or an active Cell Phone Plan.

Use iPhone or Android Phone Without SIM Card

You don’t have to remove shopping for an iPhone or a premium Android Phone, just because you do now not like paying for highly-priced Cell Phone Plans that are typically associated with such Premium telephones.
You can pretty much revel in all the functions of the contemporary iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Phone with the aid of going for an Unlocked Phone and using it with out a Cell Phone plan, to save on habitual Monthly charges.

If this sounds interesting, let us cross ahead and explore whether it's miles possible to send Text Messages and make Voice and Video calls, while not having a Phone Number or an active SIM Card linked in your telephone.

Activate Unlocked Phone Without Cell Phone Plan

The first hurdle that you need to go in an effort to use a Smartphone without an active Cellular Plan is to somehow parent out a manner to spark off your iPhone or Android smartphone with out truely owning a SIM Card.

In the case of most Android Phone’s you need to be able to skip “Insert SIM Card” activate and whole the Setup process.
On iPhone’s, it's far difficult to bypass “Insert SIM Card” screen and you may have to recall one of the following ways to get thru this hurdle.

• You can borrow a SIM Card from all of us, only for activating your iPhone

• You should purchase a used iPhone that has already been activated

• You can go for a Cheap No Contract Texting Plan or a Prepaid plan to get a SIM Card.

Once you pass this hurdle, you may be prepared to enjoy your Smartphone. As long as your tool is attached to a WiFi network, your modern-day iPhone or Android Phone will perform the identical way because it does while it is connected to a Carriers Cellular Network.

Use WhatsApp For Texting and Voice Calls

In case you have got ever used the conventional SMS Text Messaging device linked for your Texting plan, you may have no hesitation in agreeing that everyday SMS Text Messages are dull and out of date, in comparison to modern Messaging services like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is absolutely free to apply and has over a billion international users. It is so characteristic rich and smooth to use that you may surely prefer the usage of WhatsApp, compared to using the conventional SMS/MMS Messaging gadget.

At this point you might be thinking whether it is feasible to apply WhatsApp without having a phone number.

The answer to this is a big “YES”, it is indeed possible to apply WhatsApp in your iPhone or Android Phone without having an energetic Phone Number or SIM Card linked to your smartphone.

You can talk over with our famous manual How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number or SIM to get commenced with the World’s fine Messaging carrier for Free!

Use Google Hangouts For Calls to Landlines and Mobile Phones

Google Hangouts Dialer App is another splendid service that lets in you to region calls to landlines and mobile phones within North America for loose.
All that you want to get started out with Google Hangouts is your Gmail Account, there may be no requirement to have an active SIM Card or a Mobile Phone Number.

Use TextNow to Make Free Calls

is another carrier that allows Free Unlimited calling and Free Unlimited Text messaging to all US & Canadian phone numbers.

The unfastened plan comes with Ads that can be eliminated through shopping a Text Now subscription. Text Now also gives Unlimited Calling, Texting and Data plans on a hybrid WiFi + Cellular network, at very cheap rates.

Use Offline Google Maps

A superb feature of Google Maps is its potential to offer turn-through-turn instructions even when your iPhone or Android Phone isn't always related to a WiFi or Cellular network.

With a little bit of preparation you can almost get the equal out of Offline Google Maps as each person linked to Carriers Network does.

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