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How to Use Prezi

How to Use Prezi

Author: Greg Kilpatrick

This tutorial will guide you in learning about, an online resource for creating dramatic presentations that you can share online with others.

Once you have completed this tutorial, you should be able to:

  • Describe a Prezi
  • Find resources online on how to create your own Prezi
  • Use the online user manual to research features of Prezi
  • Explore the many Prezi's that have been shared online
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What is Prezi?

This video talks about what Prezi is and how it can enhance your presentations.

Source: Kalman Kemenczy via YouTube

Getting Started with Prezi

This video shows you how to get started with Prezi. This is great if you have never used Prezi before and want to start exploring how it works.

Source: PreziVideoChannel via YouTube

Cheat Sheet for Getting Started

To better explore your options, use the Cheat Sheet provided by Prezi on getting started.  It will provide you with more details on creating your Prezi.


Now You Know

Now you know the basics, maybe more if you looked over the Cheat Sheet, about how to create a Prezi.  Now it's time to practice.