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How to Use Sophia

How to Use Sophia

Author: Heather Holland

This page will help teachers at NES create their own Sophia virtual classrooms.

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How to Use Sophia to Set Up a Virtual Classroom

Use this tutorial when needing help setting up your own Sophia page.

Step 1

Once you enter the Sophia site, create your own account.

Step 2

Once your account has been created, you are ready to begin the fun!

Find the yellow "Quick Links" bar near the top of the Home page.

Click on the "Create New" drop down menu and choose what you would like to create (ex. This is a tutorial.)

Step 3

Now you are ready to name your work and attach an image (if you like).

You can also choose the content area that your tutorial, etc. will be covering.

Step 4

At this point continue to scroll down the screen to see an "Insert" tab.  Click on this tab to insert text, video, screen recordings, document, etc.  You will name each Insert (ex.  Mine are called Step 1, Step 2, etc.).  You can include as many Inserts as you need and can diversify the Inserts (Some can be text, some can be video, etc.).  Be sure to Cite any sources that are not your own.  You can cite those in the "Cite Source" box at the bottom of each new Insert page.  Make certain to click the "Save" button at the bottom of each new insert page.

Step 5 Adding a PDF

Add a PDF by clicking on the "Insert" tab and choosing "PDF". On the new screen, click the "Choose File" button and find the document on your computer. Be sure you have copyright permission to use the document.


Source: Kentucky Department of Education

Step 6 Adding a Video

You can add video files directly from your computer to link to videos from the web.  To link to a video, choose "Text" and then in the text box insert the link (after you have copied the link from the site where the video is located).


Source: Learn Zillion

Step 7 Adding Video Through YouTube and Vimeo

Step 8 Publish

Once you have inserted all of your work, you can choose who you want to see it.  Find the "Publish" button on the right-hand side of your screen within the Sophia tutorial suggestions.