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How to Write a Good Resume for Internship

How to Write a Good Resume for Internship

Author: michell starc

All students are required to gain the first-hand experience once they are done with their studies. This first-hand experience is mostly known is internship and the reason to pursue this role is to apply all the theoretical practice that one has learnt in their college years, harness their skills and knowledge. When anyone applies for any job, the first step is to send out his or her resume. Although, this might be just a piece of paper, however this document is of great importance and determines who you are as a person. As an intern, it is difficult to capture an employer’s attention, especially when you have no prior experience. However, if one focuses on making their resume a little more creative and unique, they can easily get the job. Therefore, here a few ways that guides students on how to write a good resume for an internship:

Start the Resume Strong

Employers have limited time and they only take 10 seconds to skim one resume. Therefore, the resume of any individual applying for an internship should be attractive and immediately catch the potential employer’s attention to be shortlisted and selected for an interview. The resume should be started strong with a combination of strong content, attractive formatting, strong objective and all of these things should be represented in bullet points to highlight everything that the employer requires. All these things are signs of a strong resume.

Tailor Your Resume

Another point to keep in mind when writing a good resume for an internship, every essay writing company has different requirements. You should not at any point write a generic resume. Your CV should be tailored according to the needs and requirements of the company. If your resume directly addresses the internship requirements, you will most likely gain further consideration from the organization. You should exhibit that you have adequate knowledge of the industry. Moreover, you also acquire the required skills and achievements.

Use Concise Language

Furthermore, you should utilize concise language when writing a resume for your internship. You should be explicit about your experiences and avoid using cliche, such as, “responsibilities or duties included”. You should get to point and illustrate your experiences. Each phrase should begin with an action verb and never use personal pronouns, consistent tense and articles.

Proofread Your Resume

If your CV has any kind of spelling or grammatical error, it will eradicate any kind of chance that you might have of getting an interview for the internship as this cast a bad impression on the prospective employer. Your CV is one of the most imperative documents that you will write and it demands a high level of attention to each detail. Whatever way you choose to approach your resume will indicate how you will approach your role as an intern. You can take help from professional resume writing services to review your resume before sending it out.

Be Honest

Finally but most importantly, you need to be honest with whatever you include in this document. Most employers perform background or reference checks to see if the information the applicant has provided is authentic or not. If you fabricate any kind of information, your potential employer will find out and you will not be considered. Focus on your strengths and figure out creative ways to tackle any drawbacks.


To conclude, the above-mentioned points represent what students should keep in mind when they are writing a resume for an internship. These points include strong format, tailoring your CV, using concise language, proofreading and many more.

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