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How to write a novel quickly and efficiently

How to write a novel quickly and efficiently

Author: Daniel P. Lynch

Do you want to write a novel and still cannot gather strength? This happens quite often. Writing books is easy but it’s hard to write good books. If this were not so, we would all be creating bestselling books. In the world there are thousands of ways to write a novel. Which one is the best? One that suits you personally. In this article I want to share a few methods that works for me.

Step one

Spend an hour and write an annotation on your novel in one sentence. When you offer your book to publishers, the abstract sentence should appear at the very beginning of the work. It is also called a hook, which allows you to sell the novel to the publisher, distributors, shops and readers. So try to make it sound the best. The shorter the better. A sentence should not exceed 15 words.

Second step

Spend another hour and expand the sentence to a paragraph describing the plot, conflict, and denouement of the novel. As a result, you will get an analog of the second step in the snowflake pattern. Personally, I like stories written in three conflicts plus end patterns. The development of each conflict takes a quarter of the book, and another quarter takes to the end. You can also use this paragraph in your application for publication. Ideally, it should consist of five sentences. One proposal to the eyeballs, one for each of the conflicts, and one more for the end.

However, you can always turn to expert and best ghostwriters for hire in order to write amazing storybooks or novels. The benefit of hiring them is that you remain as an original author of the book without even writing it.

Step three

All of the above will give you a general view of the story. Now you need to register something similar for each of the characters. Heroes are the most important part of any novel, so the time you put into creating them will pay off tenfold when you start working on a book. For each of the main characters, spend an hour and write a short, one page essay.

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