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How to Write a Poetry Essay

How to Write a Poetry Essay

Author: Dawn Bailey

If you have never written a poem before then writing a poetry essay may seem a little intimidating, even if it is not. The best way to start though is by taking a look at some examples of poems at and how they were written to see what styles of language are used and to get an idea of how you want your piece to flow. You will find that there is no right or wrong way to begin a poetry essay, it is as individual as the writer. There is no one set format for a poem and many different ways to arrange them either on the page or on the Internet.Poetry writers often find themselves writing in a meditative manner because the poem has so much meaning and purpose. Many people use verses to expand their meaning while others choose to simply mimic the style of the poem. Once you have an idea of how you want your piece to flow, you can begin to write the body of the work. Some people like to start with a short introduction to the poem and then go into more detail with the verse as the body of the work.There are a number of tools that can be used when writing a poetry book. A word processor has the ability to allow you to make notes and this can help you stay focused while writing. You can also make lists of words and develop sub-lists within each list for additional ideas. There are also a number of software packages available for both writers and publishers, which will help you to create the finished product. The best way to write a poetry book is to plan ahead and develop your own writing process and method.

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