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How To Write An Effective Biomedical Engineer Resume

How To Write An Effective Biomedical Engineer Resume

Author: Freddie Tubbs

In this day and age the competition for any job is high, especially for jobs like biomedical engineering where there is more and more interest with each year. The key to landing a job is creating a good resume that will grab the recruiters attention and get you a interview.

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In this day and age the competition for any job is high, especially for jobs like biomedical engineering where there is more and more interest with each year. The key to landing a job is creating a good resume that will grab the recruiters attention and get you a interview.

However, writing a good resume can prove to be difficult and there are many
mistakes that you can make along the way, especially when writing isn’t among your main skills. This is why you should take the advice of skilled copywriters and sell your skills and expertise like you would sell a product. Here is how to do this:

1. Include a summary

Some of the recent articles are strongly against adding a summary to your resume but it’s still a useful bit. It allows the recruiter to get to know the essence of what you are about to say in only a few sentences.

The key is to be brief and unique. Let them know about your most prominent
education, areas of expertise and some of your skills in one or two sentences and use the remaining three to elaborate how you have helped your previous employers and how you can help them. Use stats and numbers if possible. For instance: ‘Used current technology to construct devices which helped improve computer aided surgery and rehabilitation success by 34% ‘ or something similar.

2. Include only relevant work history

Recruiters don’t have a lot of time to read your full work history so you should focus on a few examples which you feel represent your skills well. Make those skills match the job requirements. For instance, if the job  requires to design, test, develop and modify products, equipment or devices, include a previous job where you had experience
doing that.

“Just like with the summary, go further than explaining what your responsibilities were and let them know how your work affected the company, possibly in numbers and percentages. Your skills are just words on a paper – elaborate how those skills and experiences can benefit them”, - explains William Snowden, a Recruiter at Boom essays and Oxessays.

3. Learn to list your skills properly

Most skills sections look similar – ‘hard-working’, ‘responsible’ and so on together with a list of job-specific skills. However, this doesn’t say much about you. Instead of saying ‘responsible’, say ‘experienced in working with highly important projects’ and add an example next to it. Also, when listing job specific skills like, for instance working with anesthesia machines, add an example of why you feel that you are skilled in that area – you worked on a
project or you have an accomplishment.

Don’t give yourself ratings like ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ and definitely stay away from scales – let your achievements speak for you.

4. Use online tools and resources

Since writing is not one of your main skills, creating a resume that is accurate and sells your skills and expertise flawlessly to the recruiter can be a challenge. This is why you should use some of the
tools available online:

- Paper fellows and Australian help – Good resume tips and writing guides are not easy to come by but these sites are full of useful information on this subject.

- UK Writings – Editing and proofreading can be quite tedious if you
are not a skilled editor. Try using this tool instead.

- Academ Advisor – Grammar is really important because it adds to the  clarity and professionalism of your resume. Use this site as a grammar guide.

- Big Assignments and Write my essay – Recruiters are often too busy to read your entire resume, so formatting it to draw the attention to the most important points is a good idea. These formatting tools can assist you with that.

- My Writing Way – To make sure that your resume isn’t plagiarized, use this
plagiarism guide as a way to check it.

Academized – Keywords are important, especially if you are creating a resume on LinkedIn. If you are looking for a reliable keyword generator,
take a look at this one, mentioned by Revieweal.

5. Focus on accomplishments in school

Most people writing a resume write a generic description of their education – name of the school, GPA, area of expertise and most stop with that. However, this section is another opportunity for you to sell your skills and knowledge.

Instead of listing boring information that doesn’t differentiate you from the
others, list your accomplishments in school. For instance, maybe you have done a research on telemetry systems or biosensors – talk about that. Also, list any awards or projects that are meaningful and
relevant to the job.

6. Write a good cover letter

While some would argue the necessity to even write a cover letter, it’s still
a useful tool in your mission to get a job. But what most people get wrong is the content of the cover letter. They talk about themselves and reiterate what has already been said in the resume. Some even beg for the job. However, an effective way to use this is to talk about the benefits your skills could create for the company. Make the letter about them, not you.

Final Thoughts

Writing a good resume isn’t exactly a science but it can cause you a lot of headache. This is why you should take a look at this guide and follow some of these tips to help you stand out.