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How to Write Comments That Stand Out?

How to Write Comments That Stand Out?

Author: Ellie Singh

Every blogger sharing advice will tell you how interaction has always been one of the strongest points of blogs in your particular niche, through comments. Some of the bloggers will tell you that comments even cause a great deal of traffic, which is in some way true, but not in the way most people understand it. Traffic generation through comments is an idea to look for in the future. Don’t expect to receive 1000 visits just by posting a comment on a blog. Instead, focus on leaving meaningful and valuable comments on every post that you read and really enjoy the focus on leaving comments that stand out.

How can an outstanding comment help you?

Leaving a comment is not something you should do to get something in return. Still, posting interesting comments will help build up your reputation with certain people in your niche. Community members will find out more about you and will visit your blog, where, if they find good content there’s a chance they’ll visit again and again, becoming loyal visitors and readers. Moreover, not only community members will be attracted but also blog owners. This can help you create networks and also create a good amount of backlinks to your blog articles. Furthermore, you can get help with assignment writing service in order to write more appealing articles.

Following are a few personal guidelines in writing comments that stand out:

1. Never leave meaningless and short comments:

Everyone has surely seen the “Great post, X!” type of comments and some people really feel that way about a blog post, while others leave such kinds of comments only to get listed between the commentators. Showing appreciation this way is nice, but unfortunately, it will rarely get you noticed.

2. Extend the topic:

Try your best to leave a comment that will extend the blog post only if the topic happens to meet your field of expertise. Explore other ideas and possibilities.

3. Provide personal insight:

If you are familiar with the topic or if you have any personal experience, don’t hesitate to share. This way it will help comment readers identify your situation and estimate future effects.

4. Be communicative:

Comments are a form of interaction. It will be a good strategy of getting you noticed if you engage in a discussion with the community or the post author.

5. Identify yourself:

Use your real name or at least a nickname in the “name” field of the comment area because usually, people tend to show less interest in comments not signed with a name.

6. Don’t be a hater, be a critic:

Nobody should ever think that he holds the truth and must be ready to be criticized. If you leave a negative or harsh comment, try to use arguments and common sense instead. If your arguments and critique are valid, probably the author will give you some credit for them and even be thankful.

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