How to write music for film?

How to write music for film?


Students will be able to...

Standard:5.2 Analyze the process for arranging, underscoring, and composing music for film and video productions.

Objective:Student will be able to understand the process of composing music for film by analyzing different scenarios in film music recording sessions. 

Grade: Advanced 9-12

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What is film music?

CLICK HERE to read what Hoffmann says and defines film score. Discover what the purpose and how film music serves a movie.


Analyze the videos below (including the link above) to understand the process of film scoring during a recording and live session. 

Answer all four questions for credit.

DOTA 2 recording session

Recording sessions in different venues.

After thought

Recording sessions take time, but most importantly vary in venue. Think about the type of place the video above takes place in. Think about what main reason may be for a recording session to take place in such a place. 

Film music preparation for musicians and conductor

This video shares how to prepare film music for a live screening.

After thought

Think about what is shared between a conductor and producer. Listen carefully to what the conductor talks about when he mentions his collaboration with the movie producers.