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How to Write the Best Essay

How to Write the Best Essay

Author: Timothy Lyall

Writing an essay is not an easy task, especially if you have little to no experience in this area. How to start, how to finish, how to structure, and how to edit an essay? These are all the questions that trouble most people who are new to writing. More so, even seasoned writers might get trapped on that blank sheet and have trouble writing a paper. Whenever I need to write or rewrite my essay, I follow certain guidelines, and here, I want to share them with you to make things a bit easier.

Go Through the Prompt

The first this you need to do is make sure you understand the prompt. It is essential for you to understand what your professor expects you to write about. To tell the truth, sometimes I had to rewrite essay for me because I was kinda careless at first and did not read my prompts properly. Do not make this mistake and read your prompt thoroughly; this will ensure you would not need any rewrite my essay service in the future and would just go on with a great paper. 

Think About Your Thesis Statement

Each and every essay has to have a thesis statement; otherwise, it is not an essay. Regardless of what you write – an argumentative essay or an essay on literary works – you need to establish the main argument or idea you are going to develop throughout your entire paper. A thesis is the core of your essay, its spine, if you wish, so everything else has to revolve around this core idea. This will make your essay consistent and engaging.

Create an Outline

The outline is essential for both a small one-page essay and a large project, so you need to come up with a clear roadmap for your essay. Divide your essay into sections, main arguments you are going to make, some ideas you are going to develop, and make sure it remains consistent and fluent. Your reader does not want to see a messy essay where you jump from one topic to another and back in a couple of sentences – if you do not want to rewrite my college essay, just be consistent and follow the outline.

Find Credible Sources

If you are talking about anything that needs to be backed up by outside sources, make sure those are relevant and reliable. Do not cite something like Wikipedia or somebody’s blogpost; only post scientific sources or articles from the reliable news outlets. If you want your audience to believe you and see why your writing has a point, try to refer back to some reputable sources. Quote someone respected in the area you discuss and try to support your own ideas with those quotes. 


Yep, you can finally write! You now have everything you need: a proper understanding of your task, a strong thesis, an outline, and a set of credible sources – you are set to go. With all the information you’ve collected and all the tools on your hands, writing should not be a problem, so go ahead, write that first sentence and see where it goes. Just remember not to go astray and follow the outline you’ve developed before.


After your work is done, you need to make sure it is perfect. Of course, it is hard to be your own critic, so I often had to rewrite my essay for me just because I myself did not like what I wrote. Don’t be too harsh with yourself – remember, we all make mistakes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you have time, just set your finished paper aside and return to it the next day. This will give you a fresh look at it.

Wrap Up

So, as you see, writing an essay is not rocket science, but it does take some effort and practice to do properly. Your first paper will not be a perfect one, neither will be the second, but if you keep on writing and practicing, with time, you’ll be able to write stunning pieces. Follow the simple steps I have discussed above, and you’ll surely improve the quality of your writing in no time.

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