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How Well Do You Know Shakespeare?  An Introduction to the Bard

How Well Do You Know Shakespeare? An Introduction to the Bard

Author: Heather Sanders
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How Well Do You Know Shakespeare?

Introduce your students to the life/works of the Bard by showing them how much they already know!

Source: Heather D. Sanders

"How Well Do You Know Shakespeare" Student Handout

Allow students 15 minutes to quickly fill in the blanks to complete some of Shakespeare's most well-loved quotes. Encourage students to make educated guesses for the lines they don't know.


Source: Heather D. Sanders

How Well Do You Know Shakespeare - Teacher Copy (KEY)

Once students have had a chance to fill in the blanks, take some time and go over the correct quotations. Explain the plot, conflicts, characters, and DRAMA involved in each of the plays! This is a great way to show students with the "Shakespeare is boring" mentality that his works are FULL of real-world drama!


Source: Heather D. Sanders