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How Writers Use Sound Effects (Introduction Mini-Lesson)

How Writers Use Sound Effects (Introduction Mini-Lesson)

Author: Misty Stephens

Learning Objective:

  • The students will analyze how writers use sound effects to reinforce meaning in poems.

Steps in Analysis:

  1. Identify sound effect(s)
  2. Identify the meaning of the poem
  3. Explain how the sound effect(s) contributes to the meaning of the poem
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What is Alliteration?

Can you say this tongue twister five times fast?

Sally sells seashells by the seashore


Did you know that a tongue twister is alliteration?


Alliteration = Same Sound Sentence


Check out this video.

See if you can remember the example of alliteration used in this rap by Flocabulary.

Flocabulary- Figurative Language Video

BEWARE: Common Misconceptions

False: You have to have every word in a sentence beginning with the same sound.

Truth: You can have some words without the same sound.


False: You have to use the same letter at the beginning of the words.

Truth: You can use a different letter if it produces the same sound.

  • For example: Karter is crazy for ketchup!

Alliteration in Poetry

The Setter Sweater Store

A Wacky Animal Tongue Twister

My setter has a sweater
from The Setter Sweater Store.
It's better than the sweater
that my setter had before.

Her sweater has a letter
in the center of the chest.
(The lettered setter sweaters
are what setters like the best.)

And if you ever met her
you could get to pet her sweater.
(You should pet a lettered sweater,
there's no setter sweater better!)

So if your pet's a setter
then I bet you'll pet her more
if you get her lettered sweaters
from The Setter Sweater Store.

--Kenn Nesbitt

Copyright © 2014 Kenn Nesbitt. All Rights Reserved.

Your Turn to Try

  • On a sheet of notebook paper, create five different examples demonstrating alliteration
  • Find a partner to pair and share
  • Select your favorite one
  • Create a mini-poster with your selected example and illustrate
  • Get a thumbs-up, from teacher, before you color