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How You’ll Learn About Communication

How You’ll Learn About Communication

Author: Essential Skills

Define the course structure, navigation and goal of the Final Touchstone.

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Course Structure

This course is made up of 4 core units. In each unit you will engage with media, read, connect to other outside sources and practice and reflect upon what you’ve learned. You will start by learning foundational communication skills and then have the opportunity to take it to the next level and think through overcoming communication obstacles at work.

On average, this course will take you 6-8 hours to complete. Make sure to take the time to dive deeper into the additional resources and engage in meaningful reflection throughout the course. This may include having conversations with your boss or manager, looking closely at yourself and what you need to improve on, or watching and observing others.

Unit 2: Explore Communication
Unit 3: Use Communication at Work
Unit 4: Take Communication to the Next Level
Unit 5: Plan Your Communication Goals

Course Navigation

This course is made up of a series of challenges. Click on the challenge link to see the lesson concepts inside. You will have multiple choice questions that align to each lesson on the left hand side that will check for your understanding along the way.

Refer to the Student Guide tab on your dashboard for more support with course navigation.

Final Touchstone

We want you to take an active role in reflecting and work on a product that can be used as proof of your skill to prospective employers. In each challenge, you will have the opportunity to put your skill into practice. 

At the end of each challenge, the lesson entitled: Your Turn will share your reflection questions. All reflections will be submitted once you complete the course through the final Touchstone.