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How your eye works

How your eye works

Author: Elizabeth Regalado

4-PS4-2  Develop a model to describe that light reflecting from objects and entering the eye allows objects to be seen.

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Vocabulary Terms

Click on the website.

Use a lined piece of paper.

Include your first and last name.

Add the title: Structure and Function of Eye

Copy vocabulary terms and definitions.

How Your Eyes Work Video

Watch the video showing Chloe and the Nerve
Write down any words related to the eye that show up during the video, see how many definitions you can match (may have to pause the video to write down).
The more vocabulary AND definitions you write, the more points you receive.

Color Deficiency

Did you know that some people are color deficient? This means that they are unable to see specific colors.

Use the link and find out what it's like to be color deficient. You may watch the video but it is not required.

On a sheet of lined paper include your first and last name and the title: What It's Like To Be Colorblind

Answer these two questions:

1.  How are cones related to your eyes seeing color?

2.  How do you get a color deficiency?

Big Question?

Let me know when you are done with everything above.

Please click on the link to the student login page on Socrative

Enter Room Name: REGALADO2597

Enter your name

Answer the short essay question to the best of your ability.