HRM 430 Week 8 Final Exam New 2016

HRM 430 Week 8 Final Exam New 2016

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO 1) Which of the following is not a part of core compensation?
2. (TCO 2) Medicare Part A is based on what type of healthcare option?
3. (TCO 3) What would Yolanda's salary of $165,000 be considered if the mean salary for Acme Inc. is $30,000 and the median salary is $32,000?
4. (TCO 4) Basing the share of profits on job performance is characteristic of which type of employee distribution system?
5. (TCO 5) The collective bargaining system was established by the passage of which federal act?
6. (TCO 6) Which term is used to describe the situation where the pay spread between newly hired employees and more qualified job incumbents is small?
7. (TCO 7) Acme Company pays a portion of company profits to its employees. What kind of companywide incentive plan does Acme Co. offer?
8. (TCO 8) Which type of compensation program is based, in part, on the human capital theory?
9. (TCO 9) This vesting requires employers to grant employees 100% vesting after no more than 3 years of service
10. (TCO 10) After the recent merger of ABC and XYZ Airlines, the former CFO of XYZ Airlines lost his employment in the newly merged airline. Which compensation agreement extends pay and benefits for him?

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