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HRM 587 Final Exam (Package for 2 Versions)

HRM 587 Final Exam (Package for 2 Versions)

Author: Carol J. Kemp Kemp

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HRM 587 Week 8 Final Exam (Version 1)

1. (TCO All) For the next set of questions, you will first select ONE of the TCOs of the course. Then, you will be asked to write an essay about the project you worked on this term over your two companies’ change program based on the TCO you selected above. Select the TCO your essay question will cover:

2. (TCOs A,E) Your project this term asked you to compare and contrast two companies’ change projects or programs for change. This question will review what you learned about the change projects in a continuation of your project......Recall that external and internal pressures often impact implementation of change in companies. For this question, please write an essay answering these questions: A. Define specific (at least 2 each) external and internal pressures that will (or did) affect the implementation of the changes in your two companies.  (10 points) B.Name two strategies of handling these pressures that you would (have) suggested to the company leaders as being the most effective in managing those pressures during the implementation phase.  (10 points) C. Defend your positions with details about why you feel your strategies would assist with handling these pressures. (15 points) (Points : 35)

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