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HRM 590 All Discussion Questions Week 1 - 7

HRM 590 All Discussion Questions Week 1 - 7

Author: Carol J. Kemp Kemp

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HRM 587 Week 1 Project Part 1 (Topic Selection)   HRM 587 Week 2 Project Part 2 (Images of Change)

HRM 587 Week 4 Project Part 3 (Diagnosing the Change)

HRM 587 Week 6 Project Part 4 (Communicating the Change)

HRM 587 Week 7 Project Part 5 (Annotated Bibliography)

generous OR relocate to another state, where the business climate is much better (but the cost of living is higher and the style of living is lower).......The question: This term, we studied organizational development theory versus the more systematic nStep method of conducting a change process. What would be the pros/cons of using OD theory for this change project? What would be the pros/cons of using nStep? Which nStep would you recommend for this if you use one? Of the two methods (nStep or OD), which would you recommend we use for this particular change program? Why? (Points : 35)

5. (TCOs C,D) Your project this term asked you to compare and contrast two companies’ change projects or programs for change........Consider ONE of your company’s change projects (not both companies – just one.) State the company and the change process/program/project. Name the leader of the change from that company. Answer the following questions about that change:A. Would you characterize your leader as the change “sponsor” or the change 

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