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HRM 590 Week 8 Final Exam (Version 2)

HRM 590 Week 8 Final Exam (Version 2)

Author: James Davis

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(TCO A) Discuss two major trends that are currently affecting the practice of human resource management. Provide examples of how a company's HRM practices might be affected by each trend. (Points: 30)

(TCO B) To be a strategic business contributor, human resources must enhance organizational performance, expand human capital, and be cost effective. Discuss how HRM professionals must balance the competing demands made on them. (Points: 30)

(TCO C) Explain the most significant impact of a union on human resource management. (Points: 30)

(TCO D) In developing human resource strategies, businesses face several important challenges. Identify and describe four of these challenges. Link these challenges back to the HRM department's strategy plan. (Points: 30)

(TCO E) While layoffs may seem prevalent in our work environment today, many companies still face the challenge of retaining top performers and the skills needed to complete the job. Explain how you would create a proactive retention program for a company. Describe the steps you would take and substantiate each step. (Points: 30)

(TCO F) Substantiate the value of employee performance evaluations to the business and the employee. Describe the factors/components you would include in a performance management program and validate those items. (Points: 30)

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