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HRM 595 Full Course Project

HRM 595 Full Course Project

Author: James Davis

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Course Project: Negotiation Analysis Paper


The purpose of the negotiation analysis paper is to help you transfer the negotiation concepts from the course to negotiations in your own organization. I would like you to use concepts learned in the course to analyze a negotiation situation. The negotiation may be one that has recently concluded or one that you are in the midst of. It may be a negotiation between organizations or within an organization. It may be a dyadic negotiation or one with multiple parties. It may be a situation of chronic conflict. It also may be a negotiation in which you observed and are familiar with the parties to the negotiations in order to conduct an analysis.


Paper (due in Week 7) must conform to APA format and be 13–15 pages in length, not including the title page, abstract and references. Spend no more than three pages describing the situati

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