HRM 595 Week 8 Final Exam

HRM 595 Week 8 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


B | Given desired goals and outcomes for a negotiation process, describe a planning framework to achieve stated objectives and apply to a specific negotiation scenario.|
C | Given the concepts and components of distributive (win-lose) and integrative (win-win) bargaining strategies, examine the preconditions and stages, appraise the strategies and apply to specific bargaining situations. |
F | Given the nature of leverage in negotiations, demonstrate and discuss how one can gain and use various sources of power in order to achieve the negotiation goals. |
G | Given a framework of ethical decision making, analyze the ethical issues of a specific negotiation situation. |
A | Given examples of conflict at both the individual and organizational levels, define the key common social and behavioral aspects required for conflict resolution. |

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