HRM 599 Final Exam

HRM 599 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCOs C, D) When is training the best solution for an identified performance problem? What should be done in order to ensure the effective transfer of training? Why is it important to ensure the transfer of training back to the organization? Fully explain your answer. (Points : 40)
2. (TCO F) Compare and contrast presentation methods (e.g., Web based, lecture, or video) with hands-on methods of training (e.g., OJT, case study, role-play). What are the implications of using technology in training? What are the specific challenges associated with using technology in training, and what are some steps you can take to help you overcome these challenges? (Points : 40)
3. (TCOs A, B) Your boss, the vice president of human resources, says he wants to start a company-wide OJT program, and he puts you in charge of implementing it. What do you do? Fully describe the assessment and process chosen. Substantiate your decision. (Points : 40)
4. (TCO E) How is ROI calculated for training interventions? Describe the level of training evaluation required to identify training return on investment. Provide an example of this calculation (such as conducting a class on teamwork). (Points : 50

5. (TCO G) Describe the four stages of a typical career. What can companies do to assist employees at each stage? Given the multigenerational nature of today’s workforce, in what ways can employees at each stage add value to the organization? Fully explain your answer. (Points : 40)
6. (TCO H) You are in charge of preparing three engineers for 6-month assignments in Tokyo, Japan. They will return to their current jobs when the assignment is complete. One of them has a daughter in high school. What steps can the organization take to ensure that these engineers will have a successful experience and that the company will be successful, too? What steps will you take to help make sure that the transition is beneficial for all? Fully describe your efforts. (Points : 40)

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