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HRM 6635 w2 discussion

HRM 6635 w2 discussion

Author: davey jordan

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Class: Employee Relations, Health and Safety
Book: e-book on YUZU Barnes & Noble (Please email me for log in info)
Read Case Study 3-2  Independent Contractors? or Employees?  Chapter 3, pp. 128-131  of your text.  Answer questions 1 through 5 p. 131 Note:  External research - a minimum of one (2) relevant (NLRB decisions, court cases, labor laws) - is required to support your discussion of this case.  Be sure to provide a complete citationfor your reference, using APA guidelines, which are found in APA Style GuideTab.
Due Date:  Post your response (Primary Essay) by Thursday @ 11:55AM US Central Time
Note to tutor: Use Single-space (Not double-space)

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