HSM 330 Week 8 Final Exam

HSM 330 Week 8 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO 1) Data compiled from individual patient data fields and formed into information about certain groups of patients is an example of (Points : 10)
2. (TCO 2) Which statement listed below is incorrect? (Points : 10)
3. (TCO 3) Which of the following enables point-of-care charting and positive patient identification while maintaining network connectivity? (Points : 10)
4. (TCO 4) What is the name of the model act relating to the use of electronic online communications and contracts, electronic records, and online signatures? (Points : 10)
5. (TCO 5) A key strategy to gain user involvement in an EHR is to (Points : 10)
6. (TCO 6) An example of a mechanical system is (Points : 10)
7. (TCO 7) Which of the following is a characteristic of a program (as opposed to a project)? (Points : 10)
8. (TCO 8) One of the four key information infrastructure elements in the HL7 PHR system functional model is (Points : 10)
1. (TCO 6) When is a benefits realization study conducted, and what are the pros and cons of a benefits realization study? (Points : 20)
2. (TCO 8) What are the three standards of the HIPAA Security Rule? Describe each of them. (Points : 20)
3. (TCO 3) Explain the data retrieval strategies necessary to gain clinician adoption of the EHR. (Points : 20)
Essay Questions

1. (TCO 8) What is identity theft? What is medical identity theft? Which federal agencies are working on these issues and how prevalent is identity theft? What are some of the incidents reported and how can threats be minimized? (Points : 30)
2. (TCO 5) To be successful, how can the selection of steering committee members, with needed technical skills, have balance with the necessary personality traits for this and other committees? What teams are required on the EHR project? (Points : 30)
3. (TCO 7) Explain and discuss the purpose and value of a request for proposal (RFP). What should it contain, and why? (Points : 30)

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