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Author: Nicholas Keith
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 HSTRY is a Levels 2 & 3 tool for creating great looking multimedia timelines. Insert video, audio, text, questions and interesting facts, then share them publicly or directly with the students who have joined your class. Take it to the next level by having your students create their own timelines of important historical events. Start bringing the past to life with HSTRY.

1 HSTRY: Set Up a Class

How to set up your first class in HSTRY

2 HSTRY: Student View

See what students will see from their side of HSTRY

3 HSTRY: Create a Timeline

The basics of creating a timeline with HSTRY

4 HSTRY: Finding Legal Images

How to use Google Image Search to find images that are legal for you to reuse in your HSTRY timeline

Link to HSTRY

On your mark, get set, GO create some amazing timelines using HSTRY! Just follow this link to HSTRY to get started.