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HTT 200 WEEK 5 Customer Types

HTT 200 WEEK 5 Customer Types

Author: Yanis Gherasim
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HTT 200 WEEK 5 Customer Types


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The lodging industry serves a variety of travelers, and each business specializes in a particular type of customer. In this CheckPoint, you review the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s website listed in Introduction to the Hospitality Industry and reflect on the different types of travelers the lodging industry serves.

Please review Exercise 1 on page 306 of Introduction to the Hospitality Industry.

Prepare a paper responding to all 3 parts of the question posed in this exercise using no less than 200 words. State the most recent year that data is available for part a and search the internet to find the answer to part c. Your response should be structured as a formal report using APA format.

Tips: Please ensure your post addresses all three parts of the question. You may include other relevant material in your discussion. You must use the indicated resource. You may use alternate resources to respond to part c. Remember to cite your sources you use, including our textbook, as required. Including citations gives your discussion more credibility and avoids plagiarism. Remember to use the Title Page Template for this assignment. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

HTT 200 WEEK 5 Customer Types