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HTT 230 WEEK 9 Hotel Consultation

HTT 230 WEEK 9 Hotel Consultation

Author: Yanis Gherasim
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HTT 230 WEEK 9 Hotel Consultation


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HTT 230 WEEK 9 Hotel Consultation

Review the Final Project Scenario in Appendix A.

Develop a 1,400- to 1,750- word paper using Appendixes A and C as your guide. Address the following in your paper:

Compare the Dreschler Hotel to the competing hotels listed in the Trend Report in Appendix C. Identify any issues that may be affecting how the Dreschler Hotel is performing.

Describe two potential improvements or additions to the property described in Appendix C that may help increase business and overall profit.

Identify the funding options available to you, assuming there is no working capital to put toward these projects.

Explain two benefits and one disadvantage of converting the property into any one of the following financial schemes: timeshare, condominium, or mixed-use.

Choose a new name for the hotel to reflect the upgraded features that have been identified in this project.

Create a 2- to 3-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that provides interested guests an imaginative description of your new property’s features and amenities. Also include an uncopyrighted image that demonstrates the vision you have for the property.

Clickthe Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

HTT 230 WEEK 9 Hotel Consultation