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Human Body System: Digestive

Human Body System: Digestive

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KEY for Test Review


Test review questions for tomorrow


Digestion and Excretory Review Notes


Excretory Notes Review-ACA


Excretory Notes Review PREAP


Practice Quizlet for Digestion and Excretory Systems

TEST Wednesday October 22nd

Updated ISN Table of Contents-PreAP

A. Meet me at...
B. Safety Rules
1. Syllabus
2. "Goal Setting" sheet
3. Right side/Left side
4. Stop-n-think
5. 8-26-14 objective
6. 8-27-14 objective
7. Gummy Bear Lab
8. 8-28 and 8-29 objectives
9. 9-2-14 objective
10. Scientific Method Flowchart
11. 9-13/9-17 objective
12. Cell Parts Foldable
13. Animal/Plant Cells diagrams or Labeling sheet for Academic
14. Quiz on Cell Parts
15. "Flipped" notes on Cells
16. Objective 9-15/9-17
17, Notes on Organic Compounds
18. Find someone who...
19. Elements vs. Compounds
20. Objective 9/23-9/26
21. ISN Quiz #1
22. Gummy Bear Despair Lab
23. Organic Compound Concept Map (1/2 sheet)
24. Reading Science
25. Organic Compounds Content Frame
26. Cereal Nutrition HW
27. Soda Mystery Lab
28. Test Review Sheet
29. Notes on Digestion
30. Warm-up Compounds
31. Objective 9/29-10/3
32. Objective and Notes 10/6-10/10
33. Journey Through the Digestive System
34. Warm-up Digestive System
35. Poster Digestive System
36. Chemical/Physical Digestion (1/2 sheet)
37. Objective/Notes 10/14-10/17
38. Urinary System Reading/Questions
39. Digestion Quiz


Digestive Disorder Brochure

Thursday and Friday in the Lab to complete
Due Monday


Video on Hamburger and HCL we missed today

Class Notes 10/14/14

Class Notes from 10-14

Objective-I will understand the structure and function of the Digestive System and all of its parts. I will learn about Digestive Disorders and create an informational brochure. I will discover and describe the structure and function of the Excretory System and how it is connected to the Digestive and Respiratory Systems.

Notes-Food (large molecules) are broken down into smaller molecules in order for them to be absorbed into the blood stream and ultimately into our cells. We need these organic molecules in order to make energy our bodies need for survival.

The purpose of the digestive system is to break down large molecules into small molecules in order for them to be absorbed into our cells.

There are two types of digestion: mechanical (physical) and chemical. Mechanical is grinding or chewing and physically breaking them down. Chemical is breaking the bonds of the molecules so they can be absorbed. The molecules are chemically bonded and it takes energy (thermal) to break them down. That is how the organic compounds are broken down into smaller, simpler molecules (microscopic) so they can be taken into our cells.

With both chemical and physical digestion heat is released with thermal energy and this is why our temperatures increase after we eat-because our bodies are working really hard to both physically and chemically break down food for absorption.

Mouth-both mechanical (physical) and chemical
Small Intestine-both
Large Intestine-both
Gall Bladder-storage and a little mechanical

For the Quiz on Tuesday-understand structure and function of Digestive System. Know how to label the parts and explain what all of the parts do? AND What type of digestion is happening.

Digestive System Video for Review

Warm-UP Digestive system Reading 10/10/14

Completed before the Life-Sized Demo of the Digestive System Activity


Diagram/Color of Digestive System Poster due Monday October 13th

We will begin in class on Friday October 10th and students will finish for HW. All parts of the assignment are attached separately: Diagram and cut-outs, color directions, and the labeled digestive system handout. So look for all three below.


Key for Poster

Poster was HW for October 10th due October 14th


Color Code Directions for Diagram Poster


Labelled diagram of Digestive System


Life-Size Digestive System Information for Friday

On Friday we will be acting out the structure, function, and processes of the digestive system. Each student/pair has one of the following to research and explain to the class in the activity: mouth, esophagus, stomach, gall bladder, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, rectum/anus.

The following information needs to be discussed in the speech/action activity

1. Type of activity or digestion: Physical/Mechanical-what type of movement or motion is taking place and Chemical-what is being broken down? What is being absorbed? What enzymes are being used?

2. What type of energy transfer is taking place? heat etc.

3. What is the function?-what does it do for the digestive system? What is its purpose?

4. What is its structure? :shape, design, describe all of its parts.


Agenda for October 6th-10th


Monday- Digestive System Web Activity
Students will explore the structures and function of the digestive system through an online interactive game, Students will also review organic compounds as it relates to diet and digestion.

Tuesday- Engage 1: How long is the digestive system?
Students will use different colors of yarn to create a string model of the digestive system.  Students will see how long the structures of the digestive system are and contemplate how they fit into the human body.

Students will complete the graph on "Nutrition Facts" homework and discuss as a class the importance of a healthy breakfast and nutritional value of breakfast cereal.

Engage 2: Science Probe on Digestive System (from Page Keeley book, p.131)
Students will read through the science probe and determine which statement about the function of the digestive system they agree with.  Class will discuss their initial thoughts and why they think they are correct.

Wednesday-Students will model the movement/changes of food through the digestive system as they each role play a different part of the system. They will write a speech for their organ and explain structure, function, and chemical, physical, thermal processes. (Just Boys)-Girls with counselors

Thursday-Students will model the movement/changes of food through the digestive system as they each role play a different part of the system. They will write a speech for their organ and explain structure, function, and chemical, physical, thermal processes(Just Girls)-Boys with counselors

During Advisory-the students with the chosen "Children's Books" (PBL) will go over to Griffin and share their books with students.

Friday-A Walk Through the Digestive System-students will create a life-sized model of the Digestive System demonstrating their knowledge of chemical, mechanical and thermal processes of digestion.

Students will color and label the parts of the digestive system for their ISN

Digestive System Notes-Power-Point

Digestive System Video

Note-taking Sheet for Academic