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Human Body Systems: Excretory, Nervous, Reproduction, and Endocrine

Human Body Systems: Excretory, Nervous, Reproduction, and Endocrine

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Homework cut-n-paste due Monday 11/10


Notes on Reproduction 11/7 -Quiz on 11/11

Review for Quiz on Monday 11/11-with the Levels of Organization Notes below


Levels of Organization Notes 11/7 for Quiz 11/11

Review for Quiz 11/11 Monday


Grade Replacement for 2nd 6 weeks due 11/7

cut in half and do top or bottom


Kahoot! link

You can use this as a review-this is the one we did in class today!


BUT!!! Use the notes and study topic sheets below to complete your studying for the TEST tomorrow November 5th.

Extra Homework Sheet if Needed


Answer Sheet for Homework


Extra Homework sheet if needed


Homeostasis Notes to PRINT


Review Sheets for TEST

These are topics to study for the TEST. Use these to guide your study process for the TEST on WEDNESDAY.

Academic and Pre-AP have different sheets uploaded below

Pre-AP Test Topics for Test November 5th

Study topics for test on Wednesday for Pre-AP


Study Review for Academic test Wednesday

Use this to guide your studying for the test Wednesday November 5th


Notes from 10/30/14 Review for Nervous/Endocrine Quiz

Go here to see a cool video on Fight or Flight response


Nervous System- function of the Nervous System is to send signals to the body to perform tasks. It controls the body's functions. These signals are electrical impulses that travel through neurons.

Two parts of the Nervous System:

CNS-Central Nervous System-Brain and Spinal Cord-the command center of the Nervous System   and

PNS- Peripheral Nervous System-Muscles, nerves, glands -carry out functions of the response in the Nervous System

Stimulus-an event such as a fright, flashing light, fear, even a loud sound that causes a response

External Stimulus is outside the body               Internal Stimulus is internal like heartbeat, breathing, temperature

Response- a reaction or reflex due to a stimulus

The Brain has three parts-the largest is the cerebrum and it is the thinking part of the brain, the cerebellum (small walnut shaped section under the cerebrum, controls motor function, coordination, balance, the last is the brain stem which controls the involuntary functions of the body like heartbeat and blinking.

How do these electrical impulses or signals travel through our bodies?

Neurons. There are three types of neurons: sensory that takes in information from the outside world using our senses and sends them to the interneurons. The interneurons are the messengers that take the impulse/signal to the motor neurons. The motor neurons take the impulse/signal from the CNS to the PNS and cause a response.movement to occur.

So the pathway of the signal or impulse is sensory----------------interneuron--------------motor

A neuron has four parts the leaf like beginning or entry into the neuron is the DENDRITE-----------------then it travels through the NUCLEUS or cell body that processes the information-------------------down throw the tunnel like section called the AXON---------------------------------to the axon TERMINAL where it passes the impulse/signal to the next neuron.

We have billions of impulses flowing through are brains every second. It is definitely a faster process than the Endocrine system of hormone release.


Endocrine System function is to control the body through the release of hormones.

Hormones are chemical signals that surge through our bodies telling our body's what to do. Glands are the cell structures in our Endocrine system that store hormones and release them into the body.

There are some glands you need to know?

Pituitary-controls growth and development. It is also the king or control center of the Endocrine system controlling all of the other endocrine glands.

Thyroid-controls our metabolism or our internal balance

Pancreas-creates insulin which is used to maintain our glucose levels to help prevent Diabetes and other sugar imbalances.

Thymus-helps to fight infections by sending messages to our T-cells.

Adrenal Glands-one sits on each Kidney. These release Adrenaline the fast acting flight or fight hormone used to get away from danger, fight nerves, and also helps with growth and development.

Hypothalmus- helps maintain our internal body temperature and helps us maintain and control hunger and thirst.

Endocrine System Notes for Foldable 10/29/14

Complete your foldable if you didn't in class.


"Fearless" Article and Questions HW 10/28/14

Read and answer the questions


Website to Discover How Neurons in the Brain Work!!!

Note Sheet Pre-Ap on Nervous System

These are the notes you created your foldable from on Tuesday.


Nervous System Textbook Reading

Read for Reference and Review


Parts of the Brain Reading

Read for Reference and Review


The Brain Textbook Reading

Read for Reference and Review


KEY for the Test Review


Review Sheet for test tomorrow


Note-taking Sheet for Excretory, Nervous, Reproduction

Everyone use this sheet Pre-AP and Academic


Excretory, Nervous, Reproductive, Endocrine Notes

Take notes on this Power-point and the Balance Power-point separately.
PREAP and ACA-complete the note-taking sheet above

Excretory System Video for Note-taking Sheet

Asexual vs. Sexual Resproduction Video for Note-taking Sheet

Nervous System Video for the Note-taking Sheet

Endocrine Video for Note-taking Sheet

Excretory Review Notes PREAP


Excretory Review Notes ACA


Digestion and Excretory Review Notes


Excretory System Reading

Read and Answer Questions-Copy given in class


Excretory Warm-up Sheet

Given in class-Read and Complete


Urinary System Reading

Copy given in Class


Urinary/Excretory System Reading-Questions

Copy Given in Class


Urinary System Video for Kids

Watch and Review