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Human Body Systems: The Nervous System

Human Body Systems: The Nervous System

Author: Jason Fritz

Learning Target:
•I can explain how the parts of the nervous system work together?
•I can explain how the nervous system interacts with other body systems?

•The nervous system gathers and interprets stimuli using a system of neurons that connect throughout the body.

•The central nervous system receives, processes, stores, and transfers information.

•The peripheral nervous
system is made up of
the neurons that transmit
information between the
CNS and the rest of the


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The Nervous System

pause and document key vocabulary throughout the presentation.

Source: McGraw/Hill

The Nervous System - CrashCourse Biology #26

Hank begins a series of videos on organ systems with a look at the nervous system and all of the things that it is responsible for in the body.

Source: CrashCourse

Brain Used To Know Song

Parody of "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye

Source: MrParr

Nervous System Song

Parody of "It Girl" by Jason Derulo

Source: MrParr

The Teenage Brain Explained

Being a teenager is hard. Especially when hormones play their part in wreaking havoc on the teenage body and brain. In this episode, Hank explains what is happening to the during the angsty-time.

Source: SciShow

Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Click HERE to help Dr. Vanessa Mei cut, probe and drill her way to helping her patient cope with a movement disorder through brain surgery!


Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery is a science game for students (kids) to help a surgeon conduct brain surgery by drilling into the patient’s skull, inserting a stimulation probe, then testing impairment levels post op. Activity includes photos of real surgery.

Source: EdHeads

Safari Montage Videos

For students to use Safari Montage they only need to sign in as they would a school computer.

Bill Nye: Brain

In this live-action, fast-paced program, some very tricky optical illusions show that the brain doesn't always correctly interpret what it sees. Viewers will also get to check out Bill Nye from a whole new angle when he gets an M.R.I. of his brain. Features comedy, music videos, interviews with real scientists, and hands-on experiments to make the concepts presented understandable and fun.

20 min 47 sec.

Real World Science: Brain and Nervous System

Featuring peer hosts, colorful graphics, animated sequences and detailed diagrams, this educational, live-action program uses real-world examples to teach children all about the brain, the nervous system and the senses.

15 min 29 sec.

Brain & the Nervous System

The Brain & the Nervous System takes viewers on a tour of these critical parts of the human body. Kids will learn about the three key parts of the nervous system -- the brain, spinal cord and nerves -- all made up of special cells called neurons that transmit electrical impulses throughout the body. They'll discover the different types of neurons -- sensory, motor and associative -- each with a specialized function. Reflex actions are discussed, as well as an in-depth look at the three main parts of the brain: cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem. Includes a visit with two neurologists and a fun hands-on activity that allows kids to test their ability to learn. One of 10 volumes in the Human Body in Action Video Series in the Schlessinger Science Library. Part of the Schlessinger Science Library in Action Collection.

22 min 4 sec

How Does the Brain Work?

This episode of NOVA scienceNOW delves into some pretty heady stuff, examining magic and the brain, artificial intelligence, magnetic mind control, and the work of neuroscientist and synesthesia researcher David Eagleman. Can we really believe our own eyes? Will machines one day think like us? Can magnetic wands effectively control brain functions and treat depression?

55 min 12 sec.

Source: Safari Montage