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Human Tissues: Unit 3

Human Tissues: Unit 3

Author: Nate Holz
  • Name the four major tissue types of the body.
  • Be able to explain how the four major tissue types differ structurally and functionally.
  • Give the locations of the various tissue types in the body.

This tutorial consists of a 5 part powerpoint. We will also look at most of these tissues in the lab.

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Objectives for Unit 3 (Tissues)

Groups of cells that are similar in structure and function are called tissues. There are four primary tissue types in the human body. This unit will end in a lab practical examination. This timed exam, will require you to recognize, via the microscope, most of the specific tissues of the body. In addition to identifying these tissues, you must also be able to:

  • Name the four major tissue types and their chief subcategories
  • Explain how the four major tissue types differ structurally and functionally
  • Give the chief locations of the various tissue types in the body
  • Explain how endocrine and exocrine glands differ in structure and function
  • Explain how CTs differ from other body tissues
  • Understand the differences and locations of the three types of muscle tissue
  • Know the two main cell types in nervous tissue
  • Have a basic understanding of cancer from your reading of "Cancer - The Intimate Enemy" on page 102

Source: B

Unit 3 Assignments (Tissues)

Get a copy of your assignments for Unit 3 on tissues here:

Source: Bob Grove

Body Tissues

This 5 part powerpoint looks generally at human tissues, then more specifically at the the four main tissue types.

Source: Bob Grove

Crash Course - Tissues (Part 1)

Introduction to tissues

Source: Hank Green and Crash Course

Crash Course - Tissues (Part 2)

Epithelial Tissue...

Source: Crash Course - Hank Green

Crash Course - Tissues (Part 3)

Connective Tissues Introduction...

Source: Crash Course - Hank Green

Crash Course - Tissues (Part 4)

Types of connective tissues...

Source: Crash Course - Hank Green

Bozeman Science - Tissues

Move to 4:10 into the video for a good discussions on tissues from Paul Andersen, Bozeman Science.

Source: Bozeman Science (Paul Andersen)

What is Blood

A look at blood from the


Tissues and Epi Tissues, a video from a college instructor

Source: Jennifer Fowlkes Jennifer Fowlkes

Cancer - A Terrible Lottery

Practice Tissue Test...

A ppt with slides of the various tissue specimens we looked at in the lab.

Practice Tissue Test #2

Histology Web Sites

Source: Bob Grove