Humans select. Nature selects. What is Natural Selection?

Humans select. Nature selects. What is Natural Selection?

Author: April Holder

7th Grade Science flipped lesson on Natural Selection.

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Steps to complete this tutorial

Hello and welcome to the "Humans select. Nature selects. What is Natural Selection?". Today we will learn about the roles of natural selection and artificial selection.

Step 1: Review the Guided Summary

Step 2: Watch the video

Step 3: Complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the Guided Summary

Step 4: Answer the 3 question quiz

Guided Summary

Download the .pdf document, and use it as you watch the video. Once you are completed with the video, complete the assignment.

Full Screen


Watch this short video to have a better understanding of natural selection.

Video PowerPoint

Optional document: Download the PowerPoint used in the video.