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hw 24

hw 24

Author: michael ritchey

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Molinsky, Dextery chapters 5-6
Khanna, "Contextual Intelligence"

Please submit a 1-page Max written reflection journal entry and/or summary mind-map drawing upon & connecting each of the 3 readings on the following topic questions:

Using Rhinesmith's criteria for successfully managing complexity and organizational change in this week's chapters, pick a global business role model you respect and would like to learn about:
Try applying Molinsky's assessment on what you know about the individual you selected to identify what you can learn from your role model or others like them.
Now pick one of your own behaviors and use Molinsky's chapter outlines to design your own development plan to further develop & practice your own behavior identified in your self-assessment.
Please describe the role model you selected, your self-assessment's overall findings and your 1-2 next steps from this exercise.
Please make sure you are applying the concepts in the assigned readings along with your personal comments.

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