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HY 2020 Unit I Assessment

HY 2020 Unit I Assessment

Author: l marshall

Which of the following did Major General James Fechet order to receive the highest priority in research and development?
Who replaced Major General Charles T. Menoher as Chief of the Air Service?
To whom was the duty of industrial readiness assigned?
In what year was the Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics created?
Who developed the Norden bombsight?
What post did William V. Pratt hold?
Who was the commander of General Headquarters Air Force?
What treaty pledged that Great Britain, Japan, France, and the United States would not interfere with each other's Pacific possessions?
In case of war, what advantage did Japan have over the United States?
The Washington Conference resulted in what treaty?
Despite the Naval Act of 1919, various factors worked to inhibit the expansion of the American Navy during the 1920s. What were these restraints? Be sure to describe each restraint thoroughly
Explain the beliefs aviation held by William Mitchell and why he was court-martialed. Were his views on air power valid? Why, or why not? Was the army justified in court-martialing the Brigadier General? Why, or why not?
Place the events listed below in correct chronological order

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