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HY 2020 Unit II Assessment

HY 2020 Unit II Assessment

Author: l marshall

After Roosevelt ordered MacArthur to Australia, which general took over the Bataan defensive and eventually surrendered the remaining Filipino/American forces?
In January of 1943 Allied High Command met where to discuss upcoming strategy?
What country set up a puppet government in Manchuria in 1931?
The need for a very long range bomber, produced which bomber with a 4,000 mile range?
According to both British and American planners, which Axis power was central to Axis survival? Planners felt without this particular country, the rest would fall.
What commander did Admiral Yamamoto face in Guadalcanal?
By 1938 war plan ORANGE had been replaced by a new set of plans entitled:
In September 1939 what country did Germany invade?
Hitler gave the Allies their greatest strategic gift when he did what?
In the 1930s the Italians had been able to extend their empire into what country without meeting any Western resistance?
Discuss the major American military operations in the Atlantic/European: land, sea, and air from December 1941 to the end of 1943
Discuss the major American military operations in the Pacific Theater: land, sea, and air from December 1941 to the end of 1943
Match each military leader with the nation with the nation for which they served during World War

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