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HY 2020 Unit III Assessment

HY 2020 Unit III Assessment

Author: l marshall

D-Day occurred on June 6, 1944 where?
Which of the following men was an American commander in the Pacific theater?
The first atomic bomb fell on what city?
ANVIL sought to invade what country?
In what country did the allies receive the first major German surrender?
Special construction battalions to build new facilities as soon as former occupants ceased to exist and made by the Navy were called which of the following?
Senior leaders of the USAAF believed that daylight precision bombing was the only way to defeat Hitler because of which of the following reasons?
Who led the Los Alamos group that turned the theory of the Atomic bomb into reality?
In November 1943 Nimitz began an amphibious assault against which of the following?
MacArthur formed two American field armies, the 6th and the 8th, which he used for the Western drive into:
Choose one major battle which utilized American forces during this time frame in the European theater. Describe the objective(s), strategy, leaders, outcome, and ultimately the impact of this particular battle on the course of the overall war.
In 1944 as German resistance stiffened along the borders of Germany, Eisenhower faced organizational, logistical, and operational problems. Thoroughly explain each of these problems, the measures taken to overcome each. Finally, were the measures taken enough to successfully counteract the problems? Why, or why not?
Place the events listed below in correct chronological order.

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