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HY 2020 Unit IV Assessment

HY 2020 Unit IV Assessment

Author: l marshall

The National Security Act of 1947 led to the establishment of what?
Operation ZAPATA was aimed against what leader?
What nation's forces crossed the 38th parallel on June 25, 1950?
What made the U-2 special?
On August 29, 1949, the Soviets produced their first nuclear explosion where?
Despite Russia's refusal to help, what country exploded its own nuclear device in 1964?
In 1960 which NATO country exploded a nuclear warhead and later in 1966 withdrew from NATO's military system?
General supervision of the National Reconnaissance Ofce fell to whom?
Operations IVY and GREENHOUSE proved which of the following statements?
On December 15, 1950, Truman issued a declaration of national emergency due to a change in the Korean War. What change caused this declaration?
What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? How did it threaten the international balance of power, and how was it resolved?
Discuss the major military operations: land, sea, and air of the Korean War from June 1950 until April 1951. Also provide a discussion of the major leaders involved in U.S. military operations during this time period
Match the terms on the left with the appropriate description on the right.

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