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HY 2020 Unit V Assessment

HY 2020 Unit V Assessment

Author: l marshall

What document approved limited operations designed to protect American forces and also authorized Johnson to "take all necessary steps, including the use of armed force to assist any member or protocol state of the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty requesting assistance in defense of its freedom?"
The Geneva Accords of 1954 had divided North and South Vietnam where?
In response to the limitations imposed by the rules of engagement for operations in populated areas and the prohibition on attacking enemy sanctuaries in neighboring countries, Westmoreland employed what campaign?
Shortly after launching ROLLING THUNDER, Americans joined the ground war when two Marine battalions arrived where?
Strikes flown by B-52s against suspected Communist camps, troops, and supplies were codenamed which of the following?
The Ho Chi Minh Trail established a way to provide the Viet Cong in South Korea with assistance. It ran through which country?
A grim moment in the conflict for American forces occurred in November of 1967 when friendly fire proved fatal at which of the following?
Operation RANCH HAND was an aerial program enacted by the Air Force to do which of the following?
Despite crippling North Vietnam's capacity to generate electricity, the North accommodated through the use of generators and funding from what country?
Despite the capacity and proven capabilities of the United States, explain why Ho Chi Minh and the communists believed that a win against the American forces was neither impossible nor improbable
A number of factors impacted American military performance in Vietnam during Johnson’s presidency, including weather conditions/terrain, mobilization and logistical support, inexperience of troops, and fear of Soviet/Chinese intervention. Determine which of those listed you think most impacted American performance, thoroughly explain this factor, and justify your choice concerning its significance
Place the following events in chronological order

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