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HY 2020 Unit VI Assessment

HY 2020 Unit VI Assessment

Author: l marshall

Because of the operation MARKET TIME, North Vietnamese forces zealously began measures to defend which of the following?
In February of 1967, Johnson sent Earle Wheeler to assess the situation in Vietnam first hand following Westmoreland's request for which of the following?
Early in 1971, Nixon was forced to continue the war based on his power as America's commander in chief because Senate repealed the:
Following America's withdrawal from Vietnam, the Department of Defense attempted to compensate for turmoil within the active forces by improving the reserve units through the enactment of the what?
Taking place concurrently with Vietnamization, pacification sought to quell the Viet Cong by improving living conditions and public perception of the government. Which of the following operations was a pacification program?
What president followed Johnson into ofce inheriting the Vietnam problem?
Which of the following did the Nixon Doctrine outline?
A rigged election in 1971 ensured South Vietnam was led by whom?
Operation NIAGARA was the American response to the siege of what location?
Which of the following was enacted by the Johnson administration to bolster public opinion?
What effect did the Vietnam War play in molding America’s global image? As intended, did it ensure containment and weaken the influence of communism in the world? Why, or why not?
What was the "one war" strategy that Abrams applied in Vietnam? Be sure to not only outline the strategy, but to also address what led to its development and appraise its effectiveness based on the outcomes it produced
Match the term on the left to its description on the right.

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