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HY 2020 Unit VII Assessment

HY 2020 Unit VII Assessment

Author: l marshall

Led by Saddam Hussein, control of Iraq was held by which of the following?
Which leader's death began a chain of events which led to America's liberation of Grenada?
Which president signed the SALT II treaty with the Soviet Union?
Operation JUST CAUSE led to the downfall of what individual?
The Taliban was a fundamentalist group which secured control of Afghanistan. Who led this group?
Initially resistance to the Taliban centered around Ahmad Shah Massoud, the leader of:
The destruction of Pan American Flight 103 was terrorist retribution for what event?
In a presidential upset, Bill Clinton - who had actively avoided the draft - defeated George W. Bush - the incumbent president with a winning war record - because of which of the following?
In 1998, The Clinton administration responded to the growing threat Hussein posed in Iraq with Operation:
During the civil war in Yugoslavia, a major objective of the Serbs was which of the following?
How successful was the Reagan Doctrine? What were the overall implications of this doctrine on U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy?
What was the goal(s) of the “horizontal escalation” policy, by whom was it implemented, and how? Was it effective; why, or why not?
Place the following events in chronological order.

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