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HY 2020 Unit VIII Assessment

HY 2020 Unit VIII Assessment

Author: l marshall

Following the siege of Fallujah, what mechanized tank force was given the task of pursuing escaped Iraqi and mujahideen fighters?
A seven mile safe haven was provided for American civilians working inside Baghdad, Iraq known as:
Rumsfeld replaced the Ofce of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance with the:
In 2011, both the Indian and American embassies in Kabul were the bombing targets of which Muslim terrorist group?
During the March to Baghdad, American forces were forced to fight for small cities as which group posed last stands?
A major coup occurred in the war on terror on May 2, 2011 near Abbottabad, Pakistan when who was killed resisting arrest?
During Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, the threat of IEDs was combated by a task force of exports in the detection and disposal of explosives called
The capture of Saddam Hussein was accomplished in December of 2003 when he emerged from a hide-hole in
The ground ofensive component of Operation Iraqi Freedom was:
Operation ANACONDA was an efort to eliminate Taliban groups and capture al-Qaeda leaders. It was manned by
How did a naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba become involved in the war on terror? Why was such a site necessary outside of the U.S.? Do you believe the treatment given to detainees at this site was fair and effective? Why, or why not?
Which war, operation, etc. in which the United States has participated from 1919 to the present has most profoundly afected the nation in terms of domestic, foreign, and military policy? Be sure to thoroughly explain what led to this conclusion
Match the term on the left to its description on the right.

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