Hybrid Courses

Hybrid Courses

Author: Amanda Warner

To introduce the topic of hybrid courses and instruction and relate it to changing trends in technology.

Hybrid courses offer classroom instruction to those that may be separated from their instructor by great distances.

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What are Hybrid Courses?

Hybrid courses combine traditional classroom instruction with multimedia and online components. Some hybrid courses are taught face-to-face, and others include distance instruction.

Distance Learning

Distance learning classes are also available to students in some schools. In this type of classroom, the instructor is in another location, often many miles away. The students gather in a classroom with a media projector, and the instructor connects to the classroom to deliver the lecture.


Designing and Teaching Hybrid Courses

Blended Learning

Blended learning combines classroom and technological instruction to promote learning. Students are sometimes exposed to web-based and computer-based instruction, as well as instructional multimedia such as videos or educational software. Multiple methods of delivery allow the information to be processed by the student in different ways and help to engage their interest.

Hybrid Classroom