Hydrolysis of Water by Chemical Salts

Hydrolysis of Water by Chemical Salts

Author: Beth Barsness
  1. Students will predict the pH of a solution resulting from the dissolving of a variety of salts in water.
  2. Students will write a balanced equation for each hydrolysis reaction.

Students often have trouble with the concept of neutralization between an acid and a base. Why is the resulting solution sometimes not neutral in pH? This is a question that ALWAYS appears on the AP Exam in some form or other. How does the interaction of a chemical salt with the water molecule result in either a slightly acidic or slightly basic solution? This lab helps students explore the concepts of acid-base neutralization and the hydrolysis of the water molecule by some chemical ions.

Length of time needed: One class period (60 minutes)

This lesson was written by Marilyn Nowicki.

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Lesson Plan

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Source: Marilyn Nowicki

Handouts and Materials

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Lesson Plan (Word document)

Lab Handout: Hydrolysis of Water by Chemical Salts (Word document)

Source: Marilyn Nowicki